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BASCIL project: 3rd international training seminar in Latvia

BASCIL project: 3rd international training seminar in Latvia

On 4-6 December 2023, researchers from the Institute of Economics and Rural Development of the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences participated in the 3rd international training seminar in Riga (Latvia). This seminar is financed from the Baltic Sea Region 2021–2027 programme project BASCIL - Innovative Solutions for the Rural Food Production Sector to Diversify into Sustainable Culinary Tourism Services.

During the meeting, the latest trends and origins of culinary tourism were presented, good practices and advice were shared. The project team, together with Krinova experts, discussed and improved the business model document for working with pilot food companies and farmers in developing and improving culinary tourism services. All project partners presented their achievements in developing culinary tourism services with local producers and shared their activity plans for the next six months.

During the meeting, the project participants were also introduced to examples of good practice in Latvia. The project team visited Āgenskalns Market in Riga, which is an inclusive, versatile, and environmentally friendly public space where cultural, educational, and various other events take place in collaboration with neighbourhood citizens and organizations. Also, during the meeting, the Laci bread bakery and the Abavas winery were visited, which shared their experience in developing businesses of sustainable culinary heritage food and beverages, shared their business experience, good practices and inspired the participants with their experience. The participants of the seminar gained useful knowledge and experience in creating innovative solutions for rural food producers in the tourism sector, which they will soon apply in their pilot regions.


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The project is implemented by:

Dr. Živilė Gedminaitė-Raudonė (project manager in Lithuania), tel. (+370 5) 2617 978, e-mail zivile.gedminaite@ekvi.lt;

Dr. Rita Lankauskienė, e-mail rita.lankauskiene@ekvi.lt;

Dr. Vitalija Simonaitytė, e-mail vitalija.simonaityte@ekvi.lt.


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