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BASCIL project hackathon took place in Kretinga

BASCIL project hackathon took place in Kretinga


On 15 March 2024, researchers from the Institute of Economics and Rural Development of the Lithuanian Center for Social Sciences took part in the hackathon of BASCIL “Innovative Solutions for the Rural Food Production Sector to Diversify into Sustainable Culinary Tourism Services” project. The goal of the hackathon was for every participant of the pilot region of the BASCIL project - farmer or entrepreneur - to have a new or updated concept of a culinary tourism product and/or service offer: what is the service, what customers is it for and how can these customers be reached.


Beekeeping farm “Tasty, fragrant, natural”, a public institutions “Social Partners Club”, Vida Viskontienė, master of traditional crafts and certified national heritage bread baker, and Žydrūnas Drazdas, master of traditional crafts, winemaker of fermented wine with the national heritage label participated in the hackathon held in Kretinga. The hackathon was organized by Klaipėda region association and ideas were generated by representatives from the municipality of Skuodas district, Skuodas information center, Pamario tourism cluster, Vaclovas Intas stone museum, Skuodas museum, Kretinga museum, LAG “Pajūrio kraštas”, teachers and students from Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija Higher Education Institution. 


Hackathon participants discussed and generated ideas on five questions:

1. What is the accumulated experience in providing culinary tourism services?

2. What new or updated tourism services is you planned to offer to customers?

3. What are the main target groups of these new/updated services?

4. What steps need to be taken to start providing new/updated culinary tourism services? What could be the pricing model for these services?

5. What will be the innovation component in new/updated services, marketing solution, work processes, etc.?


After the rotation of all groups, the moderators and participants of the event shared their insights, generated ideas and new proposals for the development and implementation of culinary tourism services. Next, the participants of the pilot region will discuss these suggestions with the consultant and will decide together which of these ideas they intend to implement.


More information about the project: 



The project is implemented by:

Dr. Živilė Gedminaitė-Raudonė (project manager in Lithuania), tel. (+370 5) 2617 978, e-mail zivile.gedminaite@ekvi.lt;

Dr. Rita Lankauskienė, e-mail rita.lankauskiene@ekvi.lt;

Dr. Vitalija Simonaitytė, e-mail vitalija.simonaityte@ekvi.lt.


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