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First MAP (Multi-Actor Platform) meeting of ESIRA project

First MAP (Multi-Actor Platform) meeting of ESIRA project


On March 20, 2024 researchers from Institute of Economics and Rural development participated in the first multi-actor platform (MAP) meeting in Druskininkai. During the meeting, the content of the ESIRA project was discussed, as well the possibilities of strengthening social innovations in rural areas were consider and the views were exchanged.


Presentations and discussions included an overview of the current social situation and the challenges in the Druskininkai region. The meeting was attended by the leaders of Druskininkai region where the vice mayor, leader of Druskininkai LAG, members of Druskininkai municipality and administration, as well leaders of local communities and elderships participated.


ESIRA project acknowledges that innovative social economy initiatives, focusing on local networks, competences, and resources, are able to recognise the important role of citizen-led activities to fulfil the needs of rural areas, especially marginalised ones. The main objective of ESIRA is to contribute to the rollout of place-based innovative social economy initiatives for rural inclusion and development in (marginalised) rural areas by supporting enabling frameworks, well-interconnected policy architecture and directly piloting innovative solutions which ultimately build more inclusive, resilient and prosperous rural areas. 


At the end of the meeting, all meeting participants agreed that the opportunities provided by the ESIRA project will contribute to reducing the vulnerability of the Druskininkai region, implementing social innovations and empowering people in rural areas, and decided to jointly achieve these goals by participating in the ESIRA project MAP for the next 4 years. We wish all of us inspiration and determination in achieving ESIRA's goals!


More information about the project: https://www.esira.eu/ 

The project is funded under Horizon Europe programme, Grant agreement ID: 101136253.


The project is implemented by:

Dr. Živilė Gedminaitė-Raudonė (project manager in Lithuania), tel. (+370 5) 2617 978, e-mail zivile.gedminaite@ekvi.lt;

Dr. Rasa Melnikienė, e-mail rasa.melnikiene@ekvi.lt 

Dr. Dalia Vidickienė, e-mail dalia.vidickiene@ekvi.lt 

Dr. Rita Lankauskienė, e-mail rita.lankauskiene@ekvi.lt;

Dr. Vitalija Simonaitytė, e-mail vitalija.simonaityte@ekvi.lt.


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