Agricultural policy in the servitizated economy

Agricultural policy in the servitizated economy



During last decades the essential shift occurred in the structure of the economy from industrial product-driven to the post-industrial service-driven economic system. A growing number of manufacturing firms throughout the world are shifting from selling goods in anonymous market to offering more and more services alongside their products. This movement is termed “servitization”. The movement is pervading almost all industries but still is weak in agriculture. The aim of this paper is to analyse the factors that have a negative impact on the attractiveness of farming and the needs of new farmers’ generation calling to develop agricultural policy in line with challenges of servitization movement. The last chapter highlights the recommendations for CAP2020+ on support for servitization in agriculture corresponding to the success factors of the service-driven business model.


Vidickiene, D.; Gedminaite-Raudone, Z. 2018. Agricultural policy in the servitizated economy. In monograph „The CAP and national priorities within the EU budget after 2020“. p. 173–180, ISBN 978-83-7658-751-6, DOI: 10.30858/pw/9788376587516.14.

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