Barriers to Start and Develop Transformative Ecotourism Business

Barriers to Start and Develop Transformative Ecotourism Business
Autoriai:dr. Živilė Gedminaitė-RaudonėEKVIdr. Dalia VidickienėEKVIdr. Rita VilkėEKVIPawel Chmielinski Aija Zobena



This article aims to fill the cognitive gap by providing evidence for different barriers hampering the innovative activity in ecotourism which concerns the promotion of the so-called transformative tourism concept. The research is devoted to identifying what are the most important barriers in the two areas: i) policy and regulation; ii) regional economic development. The observed absence of appropriate representative data for defining the state of the art in the field of transformative ecotourism as a new phenomenon is evident; therefore, it is suggested to use an expert survey for barriers identification in the field. The expert survey was done in the four post-socialist Baltic Sea countries/regions: Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and the St. Petersburg region (Russia) in autumn 2020. Research results disclose the existing similarities among barriers in researched regions and highlight the key areas for improvement in policy and regulation and economy-related fields, aiming to create a more favorable environment for promoting transformative ecotourism as prosperous innovation of future tourism.


Vidickienė, D.; Gedminaitė-Raudonė, Ž.; Vilkė, R.;Chmielinski, P.; Zobena, A. 2021. Barriers to Start and Develop Transformative Ecotourism Business. European Countryside. Vol. 13, Iss. 4, 734–749; DOI:10.2478/euco-2021-0039; [Scopus;Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science)].

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