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Strategic emerging industries facilitate the deep integration of emerging technologies and strategic industries. Exploring the factors of the innovation efficiency of strategic emerging industries are of great significance to effectively implement the a strategy of innovation-driven development and enhance national core competitiveness.
Autoriai:dr. Tomas BaležentisEKVIWeihua Su Zhen Wang Chonghui Zhang
Increasing population and economic growth in Europe and the world are leading to growing demand for food, livestock feed, and energy, and consequently to growing negative impacts on the environment and climate change. Tensions and price fluctuations in international material supply chains have recently become an even greater challenge. As for biomass, its availability is limited due to land, water, human, and financial resources as well as the environmental boundaries.
Autoriai:dr. Tomas BaležentisEKVIdr. Dalia ŠtreimikienėEKVINeringa Ramanauskė
Structural change, productivity.jpg
Vykdydami projektą „Veiklos analizės sistema struktūrinių pokyčių, produktyvumo ir klimato sąveikai tirti žemės ūkyje“, Lietuvos socialinių mokslų centro Ekonomikos kaimo vystymo instituto mokslininkai paskelbė monografiją apie Lietuvos ir Europos Sąjungos (ES) žemės ūkio sektoriaus vystymąsi. Monografiją išleido tarptautinė leidykla Springer. Knygos autoriai yra prof. Tomas Baležentis, prof. Dalia Štreimikienė, dr. Nelė Jurkėnaitė ir dr. Vida Dabkienė.
Rural Economic Developments and Social Moments.png
2021-ųjų metų gegužės 16 d. prestižinis Springer Link portalas anonsavo Lietuvos socialinių mokslų centro Ekonomikos ir kaimo vystymo instituto Kaimo plėtros skyriaus mokslininkių R.Vilkės, D.Vidickienės, Ž.Gedminaitės-Raudonės, V.Simonaitytės ir E.Ribašauskienės parengtą mokslo monografiją „Rural Economic Developments and Social Movements: A New Paradigm" (liet. „Kaimo ekonominė raida ir socialiniai judėjimai: nauja paradigma“), kurią, įgyvendinant specialiąsias autorių teises, perduotas kompanijai Springer Nature Switzerland, išleido Palgrave Macmillan leidykla. Penkerių metų mokslininkių tyrimus apibendrinanti monografija jau yra prieinama tiek elektronine, tiek spausdinta forma.
Although South Africa is one of the biggest economies in Africa, poverty and income inequality persist and a vast number of households lack access to water and sanitation services. Provincial governments have implemented the Provincial Development and Growth Strategy to improve standards. We evaluate its effects on selected development indicators.
Autoriai:dr. Fabio Gaetano SanteramoEKVILerato Phali
The research has two objectives and employs a serial mediation approach. First, using the general strain theory, it examines the mediating role of negative feelings and impact of economic adversity on people's risk tolerance and prudent financial behavior. The second is determining the various categories' variations according to age.
Autoriai: Justas ŠtreimikisEKVIKhurram Ajaz Khan Zdenko Metzker John Amoah
The post-industrial service economy suggests new ways of thinking about food system design and building processes. This article discusses the need to explore best practices in the servitization of farming and theorize them as a new approach to food production, supply, and consumption. I
This study examines agricultural total factor productivity (TFP) from theoretical and empirical perspectives. Specifically, the measures, relevant data, and major sources of the TFP growth are discussed. Using the sector-level growth and productivity data from the EU KLEMS, EUROSTAT, FAOSTAT, and USDA databases, the TFP growth in the EU countries over 1996–2019 is considered. The sources of the TFP growth are analyzed. The results suggest that agricultural TFP increased in almost all EU countries over the period covered. TFP growth appears as an important component of labour productivity and value-added growth in the EU agriculture.
Energy transition is a crucial issue for sustainable development in the energy sector. It is also the main instrument to meet climate change goals. The development of energy technologies and economic instruments has created new interactive forms for prosumers involvement. The paper systematically analyzes new business models for energy prosumption and performs SWOT analysis from the prosumers’ perspective.
Food loss and waste is relevant for all stages of a food supply chain. Methodological and empirical solutions are needed to properly quantify these losses. The present paper embarks on the quantification of food loss in the Lithuanian food processing sector. This issue has not received substantial coverage in the literature yet, even though the transition economies face serious food losses due to malfunctioning markets and limited understanding of the issue of food loss and waste in general.
E-commerce provides opportunities to extend the market and plays a vital role in modern economy. However, its implementation often requires high-level technical infrastructure. This study regards both e-commerce and R&D as input factors and analyses their impact on firm output in the manufacturing sector of China. We find that ecommerce capital stocks and R&D capital stocks have a significant positive effect on the output growth, with &D being more influential than e-commerce.
Autoriai:dr. Tomas BaležentisEKVIFacang Zhu Qiule Shi Chonghui Zhang
Promoting green and low-carbon development in agriculture is the key to achieving high-quality development, in which financial expenditure on agriculture is an essential means to support its green development. This study first estimates the green productivity of twenty corn-growing provinces by the by-production model with Luenberger total factor productivity indicator in China from 2004 to 2018. Then the impact of fiscal spending on its green productivity growth and its mechanism are investigated by the econometric models
Autoriai:dr. Dalia ŠtreimikienėEKVIHaiyan Deng Wangyi Zheng Zhiyang Shen