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This paper presents a framework for decomposition of changes in farm profitability with regards to structural, activity and intensity (efficiency) effects. The Index Decomposition Analysis (IDA) is adapted for isolation of the effects of profit margin, asset turnover, leverage, capital intensity and structure. The proposed approach complements the regression-based analysis as the IDA allows combining data from different levels of aggregation and taking the structural change into account.
Autoriai: Vaida ŠapolaitėEKVIdr. Tomas BaležentisEKVIIoanna Reziti
Food loss and waste is relevant for all stages of a food supply chain. Methodological and empirical solutions are needed to properly quantify these losses. The present paper embarks on the quantification of food loss in the Lithuanian food processing sector. This issue has not received substantial coverage in the literature yet, even though the transition economies face serious food losses due to malfunctioning markets and limited understanding of the issue of food loss and waste in general.
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Vykdydami projektą „Veiklos analizės sistema struktūrinių pokyčių, produktyvumo ir klimato sąveikai tirti žemės ūkyje“, Lietuvos socialinių mokslų centro Ekonomikos kaimo vystymo instituto mokslininkai paskelbė monografiją apie Lietuvos ir Europos Sąjungos (ES) žemės ūkio sektoriaus vystymąsi. Monografiją išleido tarptautinė leidykla Springer. Knygos autoriai yra prof. Tomas Baležentis, prof. Dalia Štreimikienė, dr. Nelė Jurkėnaitė ir dr. Vida Dabkienė.
Rural Economic Developments and Social Moments.png
2021-ųjų metų gegužės 16 d. prestižinis Springer Link portalas anonsavo Lietuvos socialinių mokslų centro Ekonomikos ir kaimo vystymo instituto Kaimo plėtros skyriaus mokslininkių R.Vilkės, D.Vidickienės, Ž.Gedminaitės-Raudonės, V.Simonaitytės ir E.Ribašauskienės parengtą mokslo monografiją „Rural Economic Developments and Social Movements: A New Paradigm" (liet. „Kaimo ekonominė raida ir socialiniai judėjimai: nauja paradigma“), kurią, įgyvendinant specialiąsias autorių teises, perduotas kompanijai Springer Nature Switzerland, išleido Palgrave Macmillan leidykla. Penkerių metų mokslininkių tyrimus apibendrinanti monografija jau yra prieinama tiek elektronine, tiek spausdinta forma.
E-commerce provides opportunities to extend the market and plays a vital role in modern economy. However, its implementation often requires high-level technical infrastructure. This study regards both e-commerce and R&D as input factors and analyses their impact on firm output in the manufacturing sector of China. We find that ecommerce capital stocks and R&D capital stocks have a significant positive effect on the output growth, with &D being more influential than e-commerce.
Autoriai:dr. Tomas BaležentisEKVIFacang Zhu Qiule Shi Chonghui Zhang
A rapidly expanding field, sustainable agriculture aims to produce food and energy for people today and future generations. The sustainability concept is different in every field; thus, the indicators are unique in any area and country. Sustainable agriculture contains three main dimensions: economic, environmental, and social. Sustainable agriculture has been the focus of researchers for the past twenty-five years and has attracted much attention.
The examination of “smart” growth in various economic and societal development areas and contexts has spread around the globe, in both scientific and policy discourse, with a recent focus on transformations concerning “smart” green growth, “smart” regional development, and green transformation, including “smart” villages. However, until recently, much confusion has existed regarding different understandings of “smartness” for different communities in different contexts.
The shadow prices, or marginal abatement cost, of pollutants is a useful measure of environmental performance. Unlike much of the previous studies focusing on only one kind of pollutants, this paper applies the (multiplier) by-production approach to measure the shadow prices of carbon emission, sulfur emission, and dust. The case of regional economies in China is considered.
Autoriai:dr. Tomas BaležentisEKVIdr. Zhiyang ShenEKVIZiming Yue Lingyu Meng Yunguo Mu
The production of high-quality seeds and planting material is the basis for increasing the efficiency and sustainability of crop production. The main aim of this article is to develop proposals to ensure that supply meets the demand in the seed and planting material market Ukraine. The future prospects are also discussed. The paper uses statistical and comparative analysis. The patterns of foreign trade in seeds and planting material to and from Ukraine are analyzed. The high level of import dependence of Ukraine leads to excessive exposure to instability in the world seed market. The development of seed production in Ukraine is discussed and analyzed along with the ways for improving commercial circulation of seeds and planting materials.
Autoriai:dr. Tomas BaležentisEKVIdr. Dalia ŠtreimikienėEKVIOleksandr Zakharchuk Andrii Hutorov Vyshnevetska Oksana Vitalii Nitsenko
This paper focuses on the state-of-the-art analysis of the concepts relevant to the functioning of agricultural supply chains. The viable supply chains concept is considered to be the most comprehensive one that encompasses sustainability, agility and resilience. However, this concept has scarcely been applied to agricultural supply chains. Thus, we discuss the theoretical foundations and empirical manifestations of the related concepts and propose a framework for analysis of agricultural supply chain viability.
Amid the rise of the new industrial revolution, the digital economy has gradually become the major fulcrum behind China’s industrial transformation. This study examines how the digital economy impacts enterprises’ substantive green innovation and its mechanism using data drawn from a sample of Chinese listed companies covering 2011–2019 and focusing on internal control and long-term investment.
Autoriai:dr. Dalia ŠtreimikienėEKVIQingling Liu Xiaoxiao Yang Zhiyang Shen
Sustainable development of marine economy requires strengthening the marine environmental monitoring and management. Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD) realises multi-dimensional monitoring of marine environment by measuring the traits of seawater.
Autoriai:dr. Tomas BaležentisEKVIChonghui Zhang Chenhong Yu Lingjing Yuan Shouzhen Zeng