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Climate change poses an urgent threat, necessitating the implementation of measures to actively reduce carbon emissions. The development of effective carbon emission reduction policies requires accurate estimation of the costs involved. In situations where actual prices of commodities are not available in the market, shadow pricing provides a useful method to calculate relative prices between commodities with and without price information.
Autoriai:dr. Tomas BaležentisEKVIYunlong Zhang Jingyu Zhuo Zhiyang Shen
The interactions between financial development, productivity nd growth have been studied in the literature. However, their nature, directions and magnitudes remain unclear, and no consensus has been reached, notably in the agricultural sector. We conduct a state-of-the-art review of this topic and also present alternative environmental determinants (climate change and extreme event issues; water, soil and land management practices; waste management and circular economy) of agricultural productivity. In doing so, we show where this domain has fallen short on methodological approaches, while emphasizing the relevant feature characterizing this empirical debate. Moreover, we emphasize the heterogeneity of the linkages between financial development, productivity and growth across income groups. Along with prospects for future research, some policy recommendations are offered.
Autoriai:dr. Fabio Gaetano SanteramoEKVINicolas Schneider Cosimo Magazzino
Exploring the factors that affect agricultural environmental performance enriches our understanding of the nvironmental implications of agricultural practices. Using panel data for 79 prefecture-level cities in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China from 2003 to 2020, this study theoretically determines and mpirically tests the relations environmental performance.
Autoriai:dr. Tomas BaležentisEKVIdr. Dalia ŠtreimikienėEKVIBiaowen Xu Zhiyang Shen
Monografija „Transformation through Servitization: A Qualitative Structure Approach” (liet. „Servitizacija kaip raidos vektorius: Kokybinės struktūros teorinė prieiga“) siūlo inovatyvų konceptualų ir empirinį supratimą apie servitizacijos strategijas žemės ūkyje ir kaimo regionų vystyme, išnagrinėtus per evoliucinio požiūrio prizmę, pagrįstą kokybinių struktūrų teorija.
Structural change, productivity.jpg
Vykdydami projektą „Veiklos analizės sistema struktūrinių pokyčių, produktyvumo ir klimato sąveikai tirti žemės ūkyje“, Lietuvos socialinių mokslų centro Ekonomikos kaimo vystymo instituto mokslininkai paskelbė monografiją apie Lietuvos ir Europos Sąjungos (ES) žemės ūkio sektoriaus vystymąsi. Monografiją išleido tarptautinė leidykla Springer. Knygos autoriai yra prof. Tomas Baležentis, prof. Dalia Štreimikienė, dr. Nelė Jurkėnaitė ir dr. Vida Dabkienė.
Scientists, politicians, and practitioners are debating the current structure of pig farms in Lithuania, as medium and small farms have almost disappeared over the past decade. The debated problem is whether the revitalization of medium and small pig farms would sustainably contribute to self-sufficiency in pork production.
In its efforts to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality, China has focused on new energy as a key driver, with significant implications for China’s new energy and stock markets. However, few studies have examined the relationship between the two markets. Based on multivariate generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity models, we investigate the volatility spillovers and dynamic correlations between China’s new energy and stock markets using daily data  from 2009 to 2023.
Autoriai:dr. Zhiyang ShenEKVIGuangchen Li Malin Song Weixian Wei
Responding to disruptive events is important to maintain supply chain viability. It is of the utmost importance to maintain functioning of agrifood supply chains as they provide essential goods for maintaining the population. However, there is a diverse pool of possible strategies to ensure the viability of agribusiness and agrifood supply chains. This paper seeks to identify the most relevant strategies for ensuring agrifood supply chain viability amid disruptive events.
To examine the intricate relationship between digitalization development and sustainable development, this study commences its analysis by employing the entropy method to establish an integrated indicator of digitalization development among advanced nations. Subsequently, we utilize a panel dataset spanning a decade from 2010 to 2020, encompassing 36 developed countries, to estimate Green Total Factor Productivity (GTFP) growth.
Autoriai:dr. Zhiyang ShenEKVIdr. Dalia ŠtreimikienėEKVIdr. Tomas BaležentisEKVIGuang Wang Guang Wang Yunguo Mu
Industry is one of the key sectors of Slovakia's economy and accounts for approximately 22% of GDP. Industrial production accounts for an average of 85% of the industry's contribution to GDP. The period of 2020 and 2021 was a crisis for all sectors of the economy due to the announcement of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Regarding the importance of industrial production in Slovakia's economy, we examine the impact of the coronavirus crisis on a sample of companies operating in this sector. Changes in the operational activity of enterprises are directly reflected in the volume of their net working capital.
Autoriai:dr. Justas ŠtreimikisEKVIJanka Grofčíková Hussam Musa
Kiaulininkystės svarbą rodo tai, kad daugiau kaip pusę visos vartotojų suvalgomos mėsos sudaro kiauliena. Tačiau gamyba paskutinį dešimtmetį Lietuvoje yra kone dvigubai mažesnė nei vartojimas, todėl daugiau nei pusė kiaulienos ir jos produktų importuojama. Tokia situacija Lietuvoje susiklostė dėl to, kad kiaulių augintojai susiduria su struktūriniais, gamybiniais, ekonominiais ir aplinkosauginiais iššūkiais. Studijos tikslas – numatyti Lietuvos kiaulininkystės ūkių perspektyvas iki 2030 m., atsižvelgiant į technologinius, struktūrinius, gamybinius, rinkos ir ekonominius veiksnius, diegiant aukštesnius kiaulių gerovės reikalavimus. Šiam tikslui įgyvendinti buvo išanalizuota mokslinė literatūra, susijusi su kiaulininkystės sektoriaus problemomis, parengta tyrimo metodika, išanalizuoti Europos Sąjungos (ES) teisės aktai dėl aukštesnių kiaulių gerovės reikalavimų ir įvertintos jų ateities perspektyvos bei poveikis kiaulininkystės ūkiams. Be to, studijoje įvertintos vyraujančios kiaulininkystės ūkių kiaulių laikymo technologijos, išanalizuoti struktūriniai, gamybiniai, ekonominiai ir aplinkosauginiai veiksniai, lemiantys kiaulienos sektoriaus plėtrą bei parengti Lietuvos kiaulininkystės ūkių vystymosi variantiniai scenarijai iki 2030 m.
Personnel risk is one of the significant factors in improving financial performance. Comparing the subjective perception of sources of personnel risk between companies by the company's country of operation can be useful information for companies and national policymakers. The article aims to identify and quantify disparities and common characteristics in evaluating personnel risk sources between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Czech Republic and other V4 countries.
Autoriai:dr. Justas ŠtreimikisEKVIZora Petrakova Katarina Frajtova Michalikova Vendula Fialova